Hi, I’m danbo. I didn’t pick this name based on anything in the Japanese language. I was 14 when I picked it.

I live in approximately the Glasgow area of Scotland and have done almost all my life.

I’m of a working class, single-parent background. I nearly failed English in high school multiple times.

I am a gameplay designer and programmer. I like Lua and LOVE2D. I worked on BLUE REVOLVER.

In the future, I want to design one more shooting game, then a survival horror game, and maybe then something like an Earth Defense Force game just for kicks.

Most of my design work is just finding ideas I like in other games, attempting to refine them, and combining them.

I am a long-term sufferer of depression and anxiety. Things started to get really bad in 2017, and have yet to get better. Medical treatment is currently a very slow process – creating this blog is part of an attempt at recovering some completely depleted self-belief. I’ve had two blogs previously - I plan to refine and republish whatever I thought was good on them, since I’m no longer a fan of their layout and I want to migrate from the old danbo.vg domain.

Writing this stuff feels hard. When most people’s errant thoughts and rhetoric exist as tweet threads or as scrambled on a Discord server, a blog feels rather self-important. Like everything I write down has to be perfect, or at least a step above such things. May I prove that one can have a blog and still be a thoroughly mediocre thinker.

I was a little inspired recently by a random poster on a UK comedy forum who said that I “know my onions”. If that was you, thanks, you made my day.

I roughly based the layout and markup for this blog on Drew DeVault’s blog, but I’m too attached to pretty pictures and fonts to truly be as austere. Gemini’s cool, though.

An image of a wizard brewing up some terrible opinions. Source